Windows IIS logs are text-based logs collected by creating a Local or Remote File Source.

If you have not yet configured logging on your Windows server, or if you would like to confirm settings for your current logging, follow these instructions. After confirming that log files are being created properly, you can set up a Source to collect them.

Enable logging on your IIS Server

  1. Open the Server Manager Console.
  2. Select Roles.
  3. Select Web Server (IIS).
  4. Select the host you wish to collect IIS logs from.
  5. In the right-hand pane, select Logging.
  6. For the option One log file per select Site.
  7. For the Log File Format, choose W3C so that you can select the fields to log.
  8. Click Select Fields, and then select the checkboxes for:
  • Date
  • Time
  • ServerIP
  • Method
  • UriStem
  • UriQuery
  • Server Port
  • UserName
  • ClientIP
  • UserAgent
  • Referer
  • Protocol Status
  • Protocol Substatus
  • Win32Status
  • TimeTaken
  1. Click OK to save your configuration.

Confirm that the log files are being created

  1. Open a command-line window and change directories to C:\inetpub\Logs\LogFiles. This is the same path you will enter when you configure the Source to collect these files.
  2. Under the \W3SVC1 directory, you should see one or more files with a .log extension. If the file is present, you can collect it.