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Sumo Logic

Manage Your Data Volume

Depending on your Sumo Logic account type and subscription, for Sumo Logic Free and Professional accounts, daily data volume is limited. It's important to keep track of your daily usage to avoid using On-Demand Capacity, and to know when you may need to upgrade your account. Here's information on monitoring and limiting the data you're sending to the Sumo Logic Cloud.

Monitor average daily volume

You can see the average amount of data you're sending to the Sumo Logic Cloud on the Account page. If you notice a trend towards going past the daily limit on your account, you can take actions to reduce your usage (see the next section) or contact Sumo Logic to upgrade your account.

Use processing rules to fine-tune data volume

Using an exclude or include processing rule can help you limit the log messages you're sending. Depending on the situation, you could do one of the following:

  • If there are certain types of messages that you don't need in your account, create exclude rules to prevent that data from being uploaded to the Sumo Logic Cloud.
  • If you know exactly what messages you'd like to send to Sumo Logic, create an include rule to specify those messages.
  • If you've noticed a big spike in data usage on a Source or Collectors, you could elect to take it offline temporarily in order to remain under the usage limits.

Monitor Data Volume

For more visibility into your account volume, you can take the following proactive steps:

  1. Enable the Data Volume Index.
  2. Install the Sumo Logic Data Volume App
  3. Create a Scheduled Search and an email alert to notify you when your data usage has reached 90% of your account limit.