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Sumo Logic

Install the Varnish App

The Library allows an Admin to install the Sumo Logic app for Apache. Your organization will be up and running with the app in just a few minutes.


To install the app:

  1. In the Library, click the Apps tab.
  2. Click Varnish.
  3. Click Install.
  4. In the Install Application dialog box, do one of the following for Data Source Mapping:
  • Select from _sourceCategory values. Choose an existing _sourceCategory present in your account used for Varnish. 
    Important: If you do not select the correct _sourceCategory, data will not be loaded into the app. If you don't know which _sourceCategory to select, ask the administrator who configured the Source.
  • Custom data filter. To set up a specific data filter, type the keyword(s) you'd like to use to filter the data.

  1. For Folder, choose either the Personal folder or a subfolder in the Personal folder. (Click the blue + to create a new subfolder).
  2. Click Install.
  3. When the Confirm dialog displays, click Go to navigate to the installed app.