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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic's New Dashboards for Kubernetes

Learn the benefits of the Sumo Logic Dashboard and how it seamlessly integrates log and metric data.

The new Sumo Logic Dashboard (Beta) platform allows you to analyze metric and log data on the same dashboard, in a streamlined user experience. This is exactly what you need to effectively monitor and manage a Kubernetes environment.Never fear, Sumo Logic classic Dashboards are still available. Now, you have two dashboard options.

Dashboards are a critical tool for monitoring and troubleshooting modern applications, allowing you to quickly navigate through your data without having to learn a query language. Graphs and data mappings provide visual representations of data that enable you to quickly identify and resolve key issues.

What's great about Dashboard (Beta) 

Sumo Logic's new Dashboard (Beta) framework provides the unique ability to display metrics metadata and logs data on the same dashboard in an integrated view. This gives you control over the visual display of metric data as well as log data. The Dashboard (Beta) framework streamlines dashboard configuration and on-the-fly analytic visualizations with its unique templating features. 

Templating allows you to configure dashboards with replaceable values in:

  • Search queries
  • Metric queries
  • Dashboard titles

Template variables allow you to filter dashboard data dynamically to generate new visualizations for intuitive chart creation and data scoping.


The Sumo Logic Dashboard (Beta) offer the following new features:  

  • Dashboard (Beta) variables provide full replacement control over what is inserted, and the variables work across both log and metric panels.
  • Dashboard (Beta) provides a new query builder for metrics with an improved full text auto-complete capabilities, so you can quickly find the metrics you're looking for.
  • Dashboard (Beta) allows you to create alerts by drilling into the Metrics Tab from a panel. You do this by clicking the Details icon (three stacked dots) in the top right corner, selecting Open in Metrics, and finding the alert icon on the query you want to convert to an alert. This opens the Metrics Monitor page where you can create a metrics alert.

Working Smarter 

To efficiently monitor your environment and actively troubleshoot problems, use Dashboard (Beta) to:

  • Analyze metrics data using the extensive visualization options.
  • Drill-down with advanced pivots, such as contextual drill-downs to logs from panels.
  • Analyze data on-the-fly using template variables.

Getting started with Dashboard (Beta)

For an overview of the Sumo Logic Dashboard (Beta) and step-by-step walkthrough tasks, see the following topics: