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Sumo Logic

Keyboard Shortcuts

Sumo Logic provides a list of convenient keyboard shortcuts to access different areas of the Web Application.

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default, and triggered with a keystroke pattern of g and a second letter. You can access the shortcuts menu via the Help menu at Help > Shortcuts, or by pressing ?.

To disable keyboard shortcuts, for example, if they conflict with an international keyboard, go to the Preferences page and deselect the check box, Enable keyboard shortcuts.

Web Application Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
g + s Make Search text box active. Hit Tab to use another shortcut.
g + a Open Anomaly Detection page.
g + m Open the Metrics page. 
g + l Open the Library.
g + c Open the Manage > Collection page.
g + t Open the Manage > Status page.
g + u Open the Manage > Users page.
g + r Open the Manage > Roles page. 
g + w Open the Manage > Setup Wizard page.
g + o Open the Manage > Account page.
g + e Open the Live Tail page. 
? Open the list of shortcuts in the Web Application.

Administrator-only keyboard shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available only to users with administrator privileges.

Shortcut Action
g + x Open the Manage > Security page.
g + p Open the Manage > Partitions page.
g + v Open the Manage > Scheduled Views page.
g + f Open the Manage > Field Extraction Rules page.
g + i Open the Manage > Connections page.
g + z Open the Signature Editor page. 

Search page keyboard shortcuts

The following shortcuts work only on the Search page.

Shortcut Action
Alt + n Open a new search tab.
Alt + Shift + n Open a new search tab, pre-populated with the search being used in the current search tab.
Alt + Shift + t Open a new Search tab and enters recently used time ranges automatically.
Alt + Shift + p Pause or resume a current search.
Alt + q Close the current search tab.
Alt + <1-8> Switch to the search tab, numbers one through eight.
Alt + space Open the search query editor auto-complete.
? Open the list of shortcuts on the Search page.

Mac keyboard shortcuts in the Search box

Mac keyboard shortcuts are supported on the Search page in the search query box. The following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + a Takes you to the beginning of the paragraph.
Ctrl + e Takes you to the end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + k Deletes to the end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + n Move down a line.
Ctrl + p Move up a line.

Library keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts in the Library are triggered with a keystroke pattern of l and a second letter.

Shortcut Action
l + m Open the actions menu for a folder. If a selected folder doesn't have a menu (such as the Personal folder) a message displays.
l + a Select all items in a selected folder.
l + o Open the active folder.
l + c Close the Library.
esc Close the Library