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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Quick Start Tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to give new Sumo Logic users a walk-through of some of the most useful features of Sumo Logic and a basic tour of the user interface. Throughout the tutorial, we’ve linked to Sumo Logic Help topics where you can find complete details about the features mentioned.

To get the most out of this tutorial, download the provided Sample Log File, then log in to your Sumo Logic organization and follow the steps to learn about each feature.

This tutorial consists of and covers:

  1. Set Your Account Preferences
  2. Download the Sample Log File
  3. Upload the Sample Log File
  4. Build a Search Query
  5. Aggregate Results and Create a Chart
  6. Create, Edit, and Share a Dashboard
  7. Create a Saved Search
  8. Create a Scheduled Search Email Alert
  9. The Library and Sumo Logic Apps

The Sumo Logic Quick Start tutorial was developed by the Customer Success and Training teams, and basically follows the steps in the Sumo Logic Quick Start Webinar, which you can watch by logging into the Sumo Logic Support Portal.

For more information about Sumo Logic Training classes, visit or email

If you have comments on this tutorial or Sumo Logic Help, email