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Sumo Logic

Part 2: Add a Source

Learn how to add an Apache Access source.

Now that you’ve set up a collector on a machine in your environment, you can add a source. Find the collector by name on the Collection page and select Add > Add Source.

Sumo Logic supports many source types. For the tutorial, we’re going to look at the logs in the Apache Access file that you downloaded to your computer. That’s a local file source, so click Local File.

This page has lots of options, but just a few settings are required. Add a name to identify the source. For the file path, use the path to the apacheaccess.csv file that you downloaded earlier. Enter a name for Source Host and Source Category, so you can easily refer to the source in search queries. Click Save.

Click Collectors and Sources to return to the list on the Collection page.

The new source is now listed. The green checkmark indicates that its status is active and that Sumo Logic will start ingesting data from the source.


Nice job! You've now set up a source on your local machine, so the data in the Apache Access file that you downloaded to your machine in Part 1 is now available in Sumo Logic.  In Part 3 you'll install the Apache Access app, which has predefined searches and dashboards that make it a snap to view your data.