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Sumo Logic

Change Chart Properties on the Search Page

Though colors used in a chart are assigned randomly, you can change the color at any time by editing the Chart Properties. You'll also find the option to change the way labels are truncated.

To change properties of a chart

  1. On the Search page, in the Aggregates tab, click the Settings icon and select Change Properties.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Label Truncation. To change the way labels are truncated, choose either End or Middle.
      • End label truncation means that a value, such as an IP address, could be shortened to 100.100...., so that the beginning of the value is retained.
      • Middle means that an IP address could be shortened to 100....100, so that the beginning and the end of the value is retained.
    • Stacking. For stacked charts, choose a stacking option; either NoneNormal, or Percent. (This option won't change the appearance of any other type of chart.)
    • Color. To change the color scheme used in the chart, select a color option.
  3. Click Save.