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Sumo Logic

Change Donut or Pie Chart Settings

Within the dashboard, a panel can display a pie or a donut chart, and you can toggle between the two as you choose. Both types of charts can display multiple slices at once, and the number of slices being displayed can be changed.

To change a Donut or Pie chart:

  1. On the Dashboards page, select the Edit button.
  2. Click the Panel's Settings icon.
  3. In the Settings dialog, click General.
  4. Under Display, select:
    • Donut. (Default) Displays a hole in the center.
    • Pie. Displays a complete circle.
  5. Under Slices, in Border select:
    • Show borders. (Default) These are the thin lines that separate the slices.
    • Don’t show borders. Removes the lines.
  6. Under Number of Slices select:
    • Show all slices to display all data.
    • Or click the default number 10 to enter a new value.
  7. You can also change the position of Legend, Label truncation, and Dashboard Linking in this page.
  8. Click Save.