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Sumo Logic

Change Gridlines on the Y Axis

When you create a Line Chart or an Area Chart  you can add gridlines to the chart, and also customize how those gridlines are displayed.

To change gridlines on the Y axis:

  1. On the Dashboards page, click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Panel's Settings icon.
  3. Click Y Axis.
  4. Minor gridlines. Here you can select:
    • Use default interval. Keeps the default gridlines.
    • Enter an interval. Click here, and a suggested value is automatically entered. To change the gridline interval, enter a positive numeric value. 
      Example: For the Y axis in the example above, the data ranges from 0 to 14.3k and shows default grid lines at 0, 4,750, 9,500, and 14.3k. So if you want to see 10 grid lines between 0 and 4,750, divide 4,750 by 10 (4750/10 = 475). For the Y axis Grid Line Interval enter 475, and you will see 10 grid lines between 0 and 4,750.
  5. Minor gridline color. To modify the gridline color, select a color from the picker.
  6. Click Save.