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Sumo Logic

Change Single Value Chart Settings

For Single Value charts, you can change the chart's numeric value, unit prefix, labels, and also settings for when data is not available.

To edit a Single Value chart:

  1. On the Dashboards page, select the Edit button.
  2. Click the Panel's Settings icon.
  3. In the Settings dialog, click General.
  4. For Numeric Value:
    • Select Show number or Don’t show number. If you don’t show a number, the chart is displayed as a solid color.
    • Unit. Define the unit to append to the value. Maximum length is 6 characters.
  5. For Labels:
    • Title. Enter an optional title for the chart. Maximum length is 25 characters.
    • Description. Enter an optional description for the chart. Maximum length is 125 characters.
  6. When Data is Not Available: When no data is available for this query, all previous options are ignored. But if the settings below are not configured, the chart will display no information.
    • Use the following settings. Activate this check box to display customized values for when no data is available.
    • Default Value. Enter the message you would like to display when no data is available. The maximum length is 8 characters.
    • Background color. Select a default background color to display when no data is available. The default is gray.
  7. Click Save.