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Sumo Logic

Change the Color of a Chart by Value Range on the Search Page

When viewing search results displayed as a bar chart or column chart in panels or in the Aggregates tab, you can choose to change the color of a bar or column depending on the value range of the search output. This setting doesn't affect the query; it's only applied to query results.

At a glance, you'll be better able to see if a value is out of an acceptable range, or is under an important threshold. For example, say we've created a dashboard panel that displays results for user log ins over 24 hours. We'd like to see right away any user that has logged in more than 30 times in the past day. We can have a column that shows 30 or more log ins display as bright red, which is easily distinguishable from our other columns.

To change the color of a column by value range

  1. On the Search page, in the Aggregates tab, click the Settings icon and select Change Properties.
  2. In the Color section:
    • Type a number in the From Value text box.
    • You can leave the To Value text box empty if you don't want to set an explicit value; otherwise type a number in the box.
    • For Color, choose a pre-set option, or choose a custom color.
  3. Click Add if you would like to set another value range. For example, you can create "stop light" values of green, yellow, and red ranges indicating low, medium, and high threshold warnings.
  4. Click Save.