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Sumo Logic

Change the X Axis

When you create a Line Chart or an Area Chart you can add gridlines to the X axis of the chart, and customize how those gridlines are displayed once the Panel is added to a Dashboard.

To change Gridlines on the X Axis:

  1. On the Dashboards page, click the Edit toggle.
  2. Click the Panel's Settings icon.
  3. Click X Axis.
  4. Minor gridlines.
    • Use default interval. Keeps the default gridlines.
    • Enter an interval. Click here, and a suggested value is automatically entered. To change the gridline interval, enter a positive numeric value for the frequency that you want to see the gridlines in relation to the query and the data it has returned. (For the timeslice X axis, the unit is seconds. For example, if you enter interval of 60, gridlines will appear every 60 seconds.)
  5. Minor gridlines color. To modify the gridline color, select a color from the picker.
  6. Click Save.

If the whole area is covered with color rather than grid lines of color, your interval is too low. Calculate a larger number based on the data ranges returned by your search query. Also, in the Chrome web browser, if the number of grid lines is too low, it could freeze the browser window or crash the Search page. If this occurs, you will see a warning message.