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Sumo Logic

Show Grid Lines

When you create a Line Chart or an Area Chart to be used in a Panel, you can add grid lines to the chart, and also customize how those grid lines are displayed.

To show grid lines:

  1. On the Search page, in the Aggregation tab, click the Settings icon and select Grid Lines.
  2. Select Enable grid lines. By default, the check boxes For X axis and For Y axis are selected, and automatic (default) grid lines are used in the chart. The default should satisfy most use cases, but you can customize how the grid lines are displayed. 
  3. X or Y Axis. You can select or deselect the check boxes For X axis and/or For Y axis
  4. Grid Line Interval. Enter a positive numeric value for the frequency that you want to see the grid lines in relation to the query and the data it has returned. (For a timeslice X axis, the unit is seconds. For example, if you enter X interval = 4, grid lines will appear every 4 seconds.)

For the Y axis in the example below, the data ranges from 0 to 2,560 and shows default grid lines at 0, 640, 1,280, 1,920, and 2,560. So if you want to see 10 grid lines between 0 and 2,560, divide 2,560 by 10 (2560/10 = 256). For the Y axis Grid Line Interval enter 256, and you will see 10 grid lines between 0 and 2,560.

  1. Grid Line Color. To modify the grid line color, you can use:
    • A six digit hexadecimal code, for example, #00FF00.
    • A simple string, such as red or blue.
    • An RGB value, like rgb(0,255,0).
  2. Click Save.