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Sumo Logic

Link to entities in Explore

Get a link from Explore

Use the link button to the right of the Dashboard title in Explore to copy the link to your specific entity view in the dashboard.

link to explore dashboard.png

Manually create a link

You can create a URL to a specific entity in Explore.


https://<endpoint>/ui/#/explore/[@<start>,<end>]@<entityKey>=<entityValue>[@<entityKey2>=<entityValue2> ...][@filters@<negation>:<filterValue>[:<filter>],<negation2>:<filterValue2>[:<filter2>] ...]@selectedDashboardId@<dashboardId>

  • <endpoint> is your Sumo Logic service endpoint. See Sumo Logic Endpoints and Firewall Security for the endpoint URLs.
  • <entityKey> is the type of entity you want to explore, such as cluster, deployment, service, node, account, region, namespace, or pod.
  • <entityValue> is the value of the entity to explore.

Optional arguments:

  • <start> is the start of your dashboard time range in milliseconds since epoch.
  • <end> is the end of your dashboard time range in milliseconds since epoch.


  • <filterValue> is the value of a key you want to filter.
  • <filter> (optional) is the metadata key you want to apply as a filter to explore. You do not have to provide a filter, you may only provide a filterValue.
  • <negation> set as 0 to apply your filters or 1 to treat the filters as an exclusion. Think of using 1 as using a not or ! bang, so the filter will return results that don't have those values. This is an example:


  • <dashboardId> is the unique identifier of the Dashboard (New).

Let’s create a URL to open Explore on the primary-eks cluster, kube-system namespace, and metrics-server service. 

The custom URL that launches this log query in the Sumo Logic Search page would be similar to the following. The exact URL would depend on your Sumo Logic account endpoint, as listed in Sumo Logic Endpoints and Firewall Security

Using milliseconds as this time range:

09/26/2020 to 09/29/2020 10:33:10.282 AM GMT-04:00 DST,1601389990282@cluster=primary-eks@namespace=kube-system@service=metrics-server