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Run a Search from an Alert Email

When you receive an email created by an Email Alert in a Scheduled Search, only the first 25 results are displayed. (We do not want to flood your email with hundreds of thousands of search results.)

Do either of the following:

  • To make changes to the search query before you run it again, click the saved search title link, next to Saved Search. This will open the query in the Sumo Logic search page. 
  • To see all the results of the search, under Message Distribution, click the View results in Sumo Logic link in the email. Or under Aggregation, click "here". Sumo Logic will recreate the search exactly matching the query and time parameters of the original scheduled search.

Search from email


If you are a new user and someone has forwarded an alert email, the links to the search will not work until you've completed your setup process.

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