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Your org can use collected data to investigate issues across your deployment and then upload it to ServiceNow through the use of scheduled searches. After saving a search, results are available in ServiceNow. Additionally, you can launch ad hoc ServiceNow investigations using search results in Sumo Logic.

To access ServiceNow connections, go to Manage Data > Monitoring > Connections. From here, you can search, edit, delete, and view of the details of Connections.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


Set Up Security Incident Webhooks

Learn how to set up a ServiceNow Security Incident Webhook connection and create scheduled searches.


Launch ServiceNow Investigations

Learn how to launch ad hoc investigations directly from search results in Sumo Logic.


Set Up ServiceNow Searches

Learn how to set up scheduled searches for ServiceNow integration.


Set Up ServiceNow Connections

Learn how to set up connections for ServiceNow integration.

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