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Getting Started with Transaction Tracing

Sumo Logic transaction tracing provides cloud-native transactional intelligence for distributed business workflows, by enriching and analyzing traces, logs, and metrics in real-time with automated generated application topology. All telemetry signals are fully integrated to provide a seamless end-to-end experience during the process of managing and responding to production incidents and to reduce downtime by streamlining root cause analysis.

Sumo Logic tracing supports the OpenTelemetry standard as well as other legacy open standards and libraries for tracing (e.g., OpenTracing, OpenCensus, Jaeger, Zipkin) and leverages open source componentry from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to collect distributed tracing data.

Step 1: Set up Traces Collection


For AWS environments

Learn how to install an OpenTelemetry Collector and collect traces in AWS environments.


For Kubernetes environments

Learn how to install the Sumo Logic Kubernetes Collection and send traces using OpenTelemetry.


For Other environments

Learn how to leverage OpenTelemetry standards and start collecting Traces.

Once you've set up collection, you can start analyzing your traces in Sumo Logic.

Step 2: Instrument Your App with OpenTelemetry

Learn how to collect telemetry data from applications written in the following programming languages:

AWS Lambda environments

Learn how to install and configure OpenTelemetry distributed tracing for AWS Lambda functions and send data to Sumo Logic.

Kubernetes environments

Setting up Tracing instrumentation for applications deployed in Kubernetes just got easier. In a few steps, you can automatically instrument your app using the OpenTelemetry Operator and send your Traces to Sumo Logic.

Optional: Advanced Configuration


Correlating Logs and Traces

Linking together your Sumo Logic traces and logs will provide you a broad and deep understanding of your environment.


Filter and Shape Your Trace Data

Learn how to create and apply custom rules to shape tracing data and specify which data to send to Sumo Logic.


Working with Span Attributes

Learn how to modify span attributes to enhance diagnostic data details, remove redundant information, and mask sensitive information before they leave your site.

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