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Beta Features


Learn about our Beta features that are coming soon to general availability. To participate, contact your Sumo account executive.

Betas are different than our generally available services in that they have additional terms and conditions for participation. You can opt-in to beta terms and conditions, so that you only need to agree to the terms once.

  • We may make available to you a Preview, Limited Release, Alpha, Beta or other pre-release version of the service, applications, or APIs for non-production use (“Beta”).
  • Betas may have limited features, functions, indexing capacity, storage, data security, data continuity, data retention or other limitations as determined by Sumo Logic.
  • Sumo Logic may discontinue the Beta at any time.
  • We may also decide never to make the features and functionality in Beta generally available.
  • Betas (by their nature) have not been fully tested as they are still under development – and may be inoperable or incomplete, including more errors and bugs than our generally available offerings.
  • Betas are offered “as is” with no warranties or indemnities.
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