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Translating Documentation

All content in /docs folder is the English language documentation, the source of truth for all content. For full information on translations and commands, see Docusaurus i18n.

Doc Team Support

The Sumo Logic documentation team will help with all translation efforts and tracking. Always make note of translation needs in the PR. These will be a source of truth for changes made, translations required, and updates completed in all supported languages.

As we add new languages for translation, the Sumo Logic Doc team can set up the files for translation and tags for the language. When we add a new language to translate, we create a base of site interface files and documentation content using a command. This includes the top nav, sidebar navigation, and landing page content.

All English content is the source of truth for all!

Current languages supported:

  • English: en
  • Japanese: ja

Contributing Translations

Each supported language will have all user interface and documentation in a language specific folder under i18n:

LanguageInterface translationsDocumentation content
English/src in theme and pages/docs

code.json is landing page

current.json is sidebar categories

Translating new doc files

As you add new doc files, make sure to create a copy of that file matching the folder structure in /i18n/ja/ for the following: /i18n/ja/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current.

You can copy and paste the file with a file explorer. We also recommend adding a note in your Pull Request for content needing translation.

  1. Translating a doc. Copy the docs/ file to the i18n/fr folder:

    mkdir -p i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/

    cp docs/ i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/

    Translate i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/ in French.

  2. Build your localized site. Build your site for a specific locale:

    npm run build -- --locale fr

    Or build your site to include all the locales at once:

    npm run build

    In development, you can only use one locale at a same time.

Updating translated content

Updating existing files and translating should be done in the English language documents in /docs. In your Pull Request, make note of the need for translation updates. We can work with translators to use your PR as a reference of changes made per file and line. The doc team will work with them on these edits.

As you add new Markdown files in English, you will need to create copies in the language folders. The /docs folder structure and content is exactly the same in all other language folders.

Do not change the following:

  • All file names should remain in English to work with the navigation and builds. JSON files allow you to enter translated names for those entries.
  • All screenshots are currently in English. Translated images can be added per language as needed. More info coming.

If you only update content in existing files, we will need to track these changes and provide them for translation.

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