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Signal Sciences WAF - Cloud SIEM

This section has instructions for collecting Signal Sciences WAF log messages and sending them to Sumo Logic to be ingested by Cloud SIEM.

Step 1: Configure collection

In this step, you configure an HTTP Source to collect Signal Sciences WAF log messages. You can configure the source on an existing Hosted Collector or create a new collector. If you’re going to use an existing collector, jump to Configure an HTTP Source below. Otherwise, create a new collector as described in Configure a hosted collector below, and then create the HTTP Source on the collector.

Configure a Hosted Collector

  1. In the Sumo Logic platform, select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Click Add Collector.
  3. Click Hosted Collector.
  4. The Add Hosted Collector popup appears.
    Add hosted collector
  5. Name. Provide a Name for the Collector.
  6. Description. (Optional)
  7. Category. Enter a string to tag the output collected from the source. The string that you supply will be saved in a metadata field called _sourceCategory.
  8. Fields. If you are planning that all the sources you add to this collector will forward log messages to Cloud SIEM, click the +Add Field link, and add a field whose name is _siemForward and value is true. This will cause the collector to forward all of the logs collected by all of the sources on the collector to Cloud SIEM.

It’s also possible to configure individual sources to forward to Cloud SIEM, as described in the following section.

Configure an HTTP Source

  1. In Sumo Logic, select Manage Data > Collection > Collection
  2. Navigate to the Hosted Collector where you want to create the source.
  3. On the Collectors page, click Add Source next to a Hosted Collector.
  4. Select HTTP Logs & Metrics
  5. The page refreshes.
    HTTP source
  6. Name. Enter a name for the source. 
  7. Description. (Optional) 
  8. Source Host. (Optional) Enter a string to tag the messages collected from the source. The string that you supply will be saved in a metadata field called _sourceHost.
  9. Source Category. Enter a string to tag the output collected from the source. The string that you supply will be saved in a metadata field called _sourceCategory. Make a note of the source category. You’ll supply it in Step 2 below.
  10. SIEM Processing. Click the checkbox to configure the source to forward log messages to Cloud SIEM.
  11. Advanced Options for Logs. For information about the optional advance options you can configure, see HTTP Logs and Metrics Source.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Make a note of the HTTP Source URL that is displayed. You’ll supply it in Step 2 below.

Step 2: Configure Signal Sciences WAF

In this step you configure Signal Sciences WAF to send log messages to the Sumo Logic platform.

  1. Go to the SigSci Site Tools > Integrations in the SigSci dashboard.
  2. Click Add for Generic Webhook.
  3. Paste the HTTP Source URL from the previous step into the Webhook URL field and click Add.

For more information on Generic Webhooks refer to the Generic Webhooks page in Fastly help.

Step 3: Cloud SIEM Ingest Configuration

In this step, you configure a Sumo Logic Ingest Mapping in Cloud SIEM for the source category assigned to your source or collector you configured in Step 1. The mapping tells Cloud SIEM the information it needs to select the right mapper to process messages that have been tagged with that source category. 

  1. Click the gear icon, and select Sumo Logic under Integrations.
    Sumo Logic link
  2. On the Sumo Logic Ingest Mappings page, click Create.
  3. On the Create Sumo Logic Mapping popup:
    • Source Category. Enter the category you assigned to the HTTP Source or Hosted Collector in Step 1
    • Format. Enter JSON.
    • Vendor. Enter SignalSciences.
    • Product. Enter WAF
    • Event ID. Enter .*
  4. Click Create to save the mapping.

Step 4: Verify ingestion

In this step, you verify that your logs are successfully making it into Cloud SIEM. 

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of the Cloud SIEM UI, and select Log Mappings under Incoming Data.
    Log Mappings link
  2. On the Log Mappings page search for "Signal Sciences" and check under Record Volume.
    Signal Sciences record volume
  3. For a more granular look at the incoming records, you can also search the Sumo Logic platform for Signal Sciences WAF security records.
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