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View a List of Cloud SIEM Log Mappers for a Product

This topic has instructions for find the log mappers that Cloud SIEM provides for particular product or service.

See the Cloud SIEM Content Catalog for a complete list of Mappings, Vendors, and Products.

Cloud SIEM may have more than one log mapping for a particular product. For example, there may be a separate mapping for each message type issued by a product. You can view the available mappings in the Cloud SIEM UI.

  1. In the top menu click Configuration, and then under Incoming Data select Log Mappings.
  2. In the Filters area, filter by Output Vendor, Output Product, or both. In the following screenshot, the list of mappings is filtered to display mappings for Output Vendor is Proofpoint. The list contains six mappings for two Proofpoint products: five for Targeted Attack Protection, and one for Proofpoint On Demand.
    Proofpoint log mapping
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