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Cloud Sensor Guide


The CSE Cloud Sensor has reached end of life and is no longer supported. Please migrate to a Sumo Logic Hosted Collector. For more information, see the end of life notice.

This section has instructions for configuring CSE Cloud Sensor integrations, which allow you to collect log data from a variety of cloud-based applications and storage services.

Cloud Sensor Overview

The CSE Cloud Sensor is a sensor that is hosted by CSE. There are two types of integrations available for the Cloud Sensor:

  • Cloud-based app integrations. These integrations allow you to collect log data from cloud-based apps, for example, Amazon GuardDuty, or Microsoft Office 365. 

  • Cloud-based storage integrations. These integrations allow you to collect log data from AWS S3, AWS SQS, or Microsoft EventHub. This is useful if you forward log data from applications to one of these storage services. 

You configure Cloud Sensor integrations on the edit page for your Cloud Sensor. When you add an integration, you are prompted to supply a number of configuration parameters. For example, when you add integrations for AWS services, you are prompted to supply your AWS access key, secret key, and data that identifies the resources you want to monitor. For an example configuration procedure, see Configure an API integration, below.

Supported App integrations

The following table lists the integrations supported by CSE. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)CloudTrail
SQS Forwarding
S3 Forwarding
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Records
Carbon BlackDefense
Duo SecurityMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA)
EndgameProtect API
GoogleG Suite
IllumioAdaptive Security Platform (ASP)
LaceworkCloud Security Platform
Azure EventHub Forwarding
Office 365
MimecastMessage Transfer Agent (MTA)
NetskopeSecurity Cloud
RedlockCloud Threat Defense
SophosSIEM API (Alerts and Events)

Supported Cloud Storage Integrations

This section lists the CSE’s cloud storage integrations.

Storage serviceIntegrations
AWS S3AWS CloudTrail via S3
AWS GuardDuty via
Tenable Events via S3
Cisco Umbrella via S3
AWS SQSAWS CloudTrail via SQS
AWS S3 via SQS
Amazon GuardDuty via SQS
RedLock Cloud threat Defense via SQS
Lacework Cloud Security Platform via SQS
Cisco Umbrella via SQS
Illumino ASP via SQS
MicrosoftAzure Eventhub

Configure an API integration 

  1. In the CSE web UI, click the gear icon, then click Sensors.


  2. Click Cloud Sensor's Edit icon.


  3. Click ADD under the INTEGRATIONS section.


  4. Select the Type of integration you would like to configure, fill in the required fields, and click **ADD.


  5. The new integration is listed under the Cloud Sensor's INTEGRATIONS section labeled by the Name you provided for that Integration. (Not the Type of Integration)

  6. The Cloud Sensor will begin to automatically collect data from your new integration. To confirm, click on the Info icon next to "Cloud Sensor" to view the integration's configuration and Records Seen Since Start.



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