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Add a Text Panel

In addition to data Panels, Sumo Logic gives your team the flexibility to create Text Panels to display descriptive text, and Title Panels to display above Data Panels.

Title Panels are always displayed at the same size and in the same font. Text Panels are styled using Markdown syntax, meaning that you can control the size and weight of the text. Not all Markdown syntax options are supported; see Markdown Syntax.

There's no limit to the number of Text or Title Panels you can add to Dashboards. These types of Panels don't count against the quota in Sumo Logic Free accounts.

To add a Text Panel:

  1. With the Dashboard open, click the Edit button.

  2. Click the More Actions button, and choose Add Panel icon.


  3. Choose Text as the Panel Type. Enter the Title, and type the Text you'd like to use as the text, and then use Markdown Syntax to style the text as you'd like.


  4. Click Submit.

  5. Drag the Text Panel to the desired position in the Dashboard. Typically new Panels are initially displayed at the bottom of the Dashboard.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a way to format plain text. Markdown is added to text with non-alpha characters; Sumo Logic reads the Markdown syntax and displays the text the way you've designed it.

For more information, see Markdown Syntax.

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