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Migrate to Dashboards (New)

The Migrate to New Dashboards functionality allows you to transform Dashboards (Classic) to the Dashboards (New) format, with minimal intervention from post-migration activity.


Dashboards (New)

  • Persistent release and update with new feature additions.
  • Provides the unique ability to analyze metrics metadata and log data on the same dashboard in an integrated seamless view. This is what you need to monitor and manage a Kubernetes environment effectively.
  • You can control the visual display of metric and log data.
  • Streamline dashboard configuration and on-the-fly analytic visualizations with its new templating features.


  • Incompatible panels are automatically migrated to text panels with all the information about the panel preserved.
  • Retained information in text panel:
    • Query
    • Time range
    • Panel title
Public dashboards
  • Public dashboards are not supported by New Dashboards.
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