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Apps and Integrations


This category has documentation for Sumo Logic apps, webhooks, and other integrations, located in our App Catalog,

During installation, apps are customized with your source configurations and populated in the folder of your choice. You'll then start getting insights from your data sources via Dashboards and example searches for common use cases.

Several of the guides below are partner-specific: Amazon/AWS, Microsoft/Azure, and Google. The rest of the app content is organized by functionality. We support a wide variety of data sources.

Learn the difference between Next-Gen Apps and Classic Apps.

To determine if an app is supported by your pricing plan, see Apps and Sumo Logic Account Plans.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the App Catalog.

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A guide to Sumo Logic apps for Amazon and AWS products.

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A guide to Sumo Logic apps for Microsoft and Azure.

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A guide to Sumo Logic apps for Google products, such as Workspace.

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Database Servers

A guide to Sumo Logic apps for database servers, such as Oracle and MongoDB.

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A guide to Sumo Logic apps for container management, such as Kubernetes and Docker.

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Web Servers

A guide to Sumo Logic apps for web servers, such as Apache, Nginx, and Squid Proxy.


Cloud Security Monitoring/Analytics

A guide to Sumo Logic apps for cloud security data source.

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A guide to Sumo Logic apps for SAML.

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Learn about Sumo Logic apps for SaaS and Cloud applications.

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Hosts and Operating Systems

Monitor host metrics and the Linux OS.

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Security and Threat Detection

Learn about Sumo apps for Security and Threat Detection.

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App Development

Monitor your platforms and tools that support software development and automation.


Global Intelligence

Sumo Logic apps for Global Intelligence provide valuable real-time security intelligence.

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Sumo Logic Apps

Use these apps to monitor your Sumo Logic org activities and data volume.

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PCI Compliance

Meet evolving PCI requirements without the data hassle.

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Partner Ecosystem Apps

Third-party Sumo Logic apps for partners including Auth0, CircleCI, and more.

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Partner Integrations

Sumo Logic Partner Integrations are provided and supported by our partner network.


To interact with other Sumo Logic users, post feedback, or ask a question, visit the Sumo Logic Community Apps and Integrations Forum. ​

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