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Amazon CloudTrail - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics

Amazon CloudTrail - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics icon

This set of CloudTrail monitoring and analytics dashboards provide one dashboard for the most critical analytics. Think of this bundle of dashboards as a good starting place to see trends and outliers on specific aspects of your CloudTrail data -- including access monitoring, login activity, system monitoring, privileged activity, and threat intelligence.

Collecting Logs for the AWS CloudTrail PCI Compliance App

This section has instructions for configuring log collection for the AWS CloudTrail app.

If you intend to use the AWS CloudTrail app in multiple environments, see Configure the AWS CloudTrail App in Multiple Environments.

To configure an AWS CloudTrail Source, perform these steps:

  1. Configure CloudTrail in your AWS account.
  2. Confirm that logs are being delivered to the Amazon S3 bucket.
  3. Add an AWS CloudTrail Source to Sumo Logic.
  4. Grant Sumo Logic access to an Amazon S3 bucket.
    • Generate the Role-Based Access CloudFormation template in Sumo Logic and download the template.
    • Create the CloudFormation stack in AWS Management Console using the template.
    • Copy the Role ARN from the Outputs tab and paste it in the Role ARN field in Sumo Logic CloudTrail Source created in step 3. For more information, see Configuring your AWS source with CloudFormation.
  5. Enable Sumo to track AWS Admin activity. This step is optional, but if you do not do it, the administrator activity panels in the AWS CloudTrail - User Monitoring dashboard won't be populated.
  6. Install the Sumo Logic App for AWS CloudTrail.

Once you begin uploading data, your daily data usage will increase. It's a good idea to check the Account page to make sure that you have enough quota to accommodate additional data in your account. If you need additional quota, you can upgrade your account at any time.

Sample log messages

"userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/37.0.2062.124 Safari/537.36",
Field Extraction Template
| parse "\"sourceIPAddress\":\"*\"" as source_ipaddress
| parse "\"eventName\":\"*\"" as event_name
| parse "\"eventSource\":\"*\"" as event_source
| parse "\"awsRegion\":\"*\"" as aws_Region
| parse "\"userName\":\"*\"" as user

Sample queries

Created and Deleted Network and Security Events
_sourceCategory=AWS_EAGLE (*Security* OR *Network*)
| parse "\"userName\":\"*\"" as user
| parse "\"eventName\":\"*\"" as event
| parse regex field=event "^(?<event_type>[A-Z][a-z]+?)[A-Z]"
| where (event matches "*Security*" OR event matches "*Network*") and event_type in ("Create","Delete")
| count by event
| sort _count

In some cases, your query results may show "HIDDEN_DUE_TO_SECURITY_REASONS" as the value of the userName field. That's because AWS does not log the user name that was entered when a sign-in failure is caused by an incorrect user name.

Installing the PCI Compliance AWS CloudTrail App

Now that you have set up collection, install the Amazon CloudTrail - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics app to use the preconfigured searches and Dashboards that provide insight into your data.

To install the app:

  1. Select App Catalog.
  2. In the Search Apps field, search for and then select your app.
  3. Optionally, you can scroll down to preview the dashboards included with the app. Then, click Install App (sometimes this button says Add Integration).

    If your app has multiple versions, you'll need to select the version of the service you're using before installation.

  4. On the next configuration page, under Select Data Source for your App, complete the following fields:
    • Data Source. Select one of the following options:
      • Choose Source Category and select a source category from the list; or
      • Choose Enter a Custom Data Filter, and enter a custom source category beginning with an underscore. For example, _sourceCategory=MyCategory.
    • Folder Name. You can retain the existing name or enter a custom name of your choice for the app.
    • All Folders (optional). Default location is the Personal folder in your Library. If desired, you can choose a different location and/or click New Folder to add it to a new folder.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Look for the dialog confirming that your app was installed successfully.

Once an app is installed, it will appear in your Personal folder or the folder that you specified. From here, you can share it with other users in your organization. Dashboard panels will automatically start to fill with data matching the time range query received since you created the panel. Results won't be available immediately, but within about 20 minutes, you'll see completed graphs and maps.

Viewing AWS CloudTrail Dashboards

The Cloud Security Monitoring & Analytics for AWS CloudTrail App provides dashboards that you can modify for your specific security operational needs.

  • Access Monitoring
  • Login Activity
  • Account and System Monitoring
  • Overview
  • Privileged Activity
  • Threat Intelligence

Security Analytics - Access Monitoring

Description: See the details of security group activities and all AWS activities divided by read only and non read only.

Use Case: Provides analysis of group activity events including revoking and authorizing access, creating and deleting groups, and other events.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards

Security Analytics - Login Activity

Description: See the details of login activity successes and failures for API, console, and the root account.

Use Case: Provides analysis of login activity. For API access analysis is provided with trending failed API calls and a detailed table of the recent reasons for failure. Additionally a stacked bar chart shows the comparison of overall failed API calls broken down by account. For console and root activity success and failure are broken down with trending and a detailed table provided in each case.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards

Security Monitoring - Account and System Monitoring

Description: See the details of identity and access management for users, roles, access keys and other aspects of identity.

Use Case: Provides analysis of IAM activity. Analysis of created and deleted users as well as a summary of IAM events. Created and deleted roles are evidenced. An additional set of analysis looks into password management, user changes in groups and other events.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards

Security Monitoring - Overview

Description: Monitoring overview providing one dashboard for the most critical analytics.

Use Case: Provides summary of the dashboards in one location. A good starting place to see trends and outliers before digging into the individual analytic dashboards that will provide more detail.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards

AWS CloudTrail - Security Analytics - Privileged Activity

Description: Provides analytics on events that require elevated privileges.

Use Case: Provides top events, trending and outliers on configuration changes, security group events, and security policy changes.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards

AWS CloudTrail - Security Analytics - Threat Intelligence

Description: Review this dashboard for details on potential threats and IOCs for AWS CloudTrail.

Use Case: Provides analysis on Threats Associated with CloudTrail Events, Threats By Actor, Threats by Events and I.P, Threats by Events and Result, Threats by Geo Location, Threats Over Time by Result.

Amazon CloudTrail - Security Analytics dashboards
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