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Amazon S3 Usage Logs

Log Type: Amazon S3 Usage

Template Description: Parsing the common fields in your Amazon S3 Usage log.

Sample Log:

6ec976a42247d687d5d1c87bb53e87c60c925765f87415f472d240c5d18337a7 stag-bloomfilter-000000000000141d [2017-08-16] user/stag-bloomfilter CC487A9D90678CAB REST.GET.OBJECT 636C271B3F171BB8-000000000138CE3D-1405616382510-v1 "GET /636C271B3F171BB8-000000000138CE3D-1405616382510-v1 HTTP/1.1" 200 - 26828 369 89 11 "-" "aws-sdk-java/1.7.11 Linux/3.2.0-57-virtual OpenJDK_64-Bit_Server_VM/23.2-b09/1.7.0_09" -

Parsing Rule:

parse "* * [*] * * * * * \"* HTTP/1.1\" * * * * * * * \"*\" *" as bucket_owner, bucket, time, remoteIP, requester, request_ID, operation, key, request_URI, status_code, error_code, bytes_sent, object_size, total_time, turn_time, referrer, user_agent, version_ID

Resulting Fields:

bucket_ownerThe canonical user ID of the owner of the source bucket.6ec976a42247d687d5d1c87bb53e87c60c925765f87415f472d240c5d18337a7
bucketThe name of the bucket that the request was processed againststag-bloomfilter-000000000000141d
timeThe time at which the request was received2017-07-13
remoteIPThe apparent Internet address of the requester62.118.225.244
requesterThe canonical user ID of the requester, or a - for unauthenticated requestsuser/stag-bloomfilter
request_IDThe request ID is a string generated by Amazon S3 to uniquely identify each requestB5C788A74FDFA7E7
operationThe operation listed here is declared as SOAP.operation, REST.HTTP_method.resource_type,WEBSITE.HTTP_method.resource_type, or BATCH.DELETE.OBJECTREST.PUT.OBJECT
keyThe "key" part of the request, URL encoded, or "-" if the operation does not take a key parameter636C271B3F171BB8-000000000138CE3D-1405616382510-v1
request_URIThe Request-URI part of the HTTP requestGET /636C271B3F171BB8-000000000138CE3D-1405616382510-v1
status_codeThe numeric HTTP status code of the response200
error_codeThe Amazon S3 Error Code, or "-" if no error occurredNoSuchKey
bytes_sentThe number of response bytes sent, excluding HTTP protocol overhead, or "-" if zero5982
 object_sizeThe total size of the object in question 50768
 total_timeThe number of milliseconds the request was in flight from the server's perspective 27
 turn_time The number of milliseconds that Amazon S3 spent processing your request 24
 referrer The value of the HTTP Referrer header, if present ""
 user_agent The value of the HTTP User-Agent header aws-sdk-java/1.7.11 Linux/3.2.0-57-virtual OpenJDK_64-Bit_Server_VM/23.2-b09/1.7.0_09
 version_ID The version ID in the request, or "-" if the operation does not take a versionId parameter 3HL4kqtJvjVBH40Nrjfkd
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