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Sample Safend Field Extraction

Rule Name: Safend Log Parse

Log Type: safend

Rule Description: Parsing the common fields in your Safend logs

Sample Log:

2014-10-09T15:12:33.912408-04:00 [Safend Data Protection] File Logging Alert details: User:, Computer:, Operating System: Windows 7, Client GMT: 10/9/2014 7:12:33 PM, Client Local Time: 10/9/2014 3:12:33 PM, Server Time: 10/9/2014 7:12:33 PM, Group: , Policy: Safend for Cuomer Default Policy, Device Description: Disk drive, Device Info: SanDisk Cruzer Pattern USB Device, Port: USB, Device Type: Removable Storage Devices, Vendor: 0781, Model: 550A, Distinct ID: 3485320307908660, Details: , File Name: F:\SOME_FILE_NAME, File Type: PDF, File Size: 35607, Created: 10/9/2014 7:12:33 PM, Modified: 10/9/2014 7:12:34 PM, Action: Write



Extraction Rule:

parse regex "Action: (?<action>[^,]*)" nodrop
| parse " * [" as host nodrop | parse "] *:" as alert_type nodrop
| parse "User: *," as user nodrop
| parse "Computer: *," as computer nodrop
| parse "Device Info: *," as device_info nodrop
| parse "Device Type: *," as device_type nodrop
| parse "File Type: *," as file_type nodrop
| parse "File Name: *, File Type" as file_name nodrop
| parse "File Size: *," as file_size nodrop
| parse "Client Local Time: *," as client_local_time nodrop

Resulting Fields:

Result Field
alert_typeFile Logging Alert details
client_local_time10/9/2014 3:12:33 PM
device_infoSan Disk ....
device_typeRemovable Storage Devices
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