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Data Volume Index

The Data Volume Index gives you visibility into how much data you are sending to Sumo Logic, allowing you to proactively manage your systems’ behavior and to fine tune your data ingest with respect to the data plan for your Sumo Logic subscription.

The Data Volume Index provides data for logs and metrics:

The Data Volume Index must be manually enabled by an administrator. The index then begins populating. A set of messages within the index is created every five minutes. The data does not backfill and is provided to the index only when the option is enabled.

After the Data Volume Index is enabled, you can access it using this search query: 


Creating an Index typically adds a nominal amount of data to your overall volume (approximately one to two percent) when pre-aggregated. Depending on your Sumo Logic account type and subscription, this data will count against your data volume quota.

Enable the Data Volume Index

The Data Volume Index must be enabled by an administrator.

To enable the Data Volume Index:

  1. In the main Sumo Logic menu, select Administration > Account > Data Management.
  2. Under Data Volume, select Enable.

A message confirms that the feature is enabled.

Guide contents

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


Log and Tracing Data Volume Index

Get to know how much data your account is ingesting.


Metrics Data Volume Index

Get to know the volume of metric data points your account is ingesting.

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