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Decommission a Partition

Once they are created, partitions cannot be deleted, and partition names cannot be reused. This is due to the fact that a partition may include log messages that are not stored anywhere else, and if the partition were to be deleted, the log messages would be lost.


We only count active partitions as part of your 50 partition limit. You can decommission unused or unwanted partitions if you have reached our 50 partition limit.

If a partition is no longer needed, you can decommission it. Once a partition is decommissioned, the data in the partition remains in your account and can be searched, but the partition cannot be re-activated, and you cannot change its routing expression.   

To decommission a partition

  1. Go to  Manage Data > Logs > Partitions.  


  2. Click the row for the partition you want to decommission.  

  3. The partition details appear on the right side of the page.


  4. Click Decommission.

  5. In the Confirm dialog, click OK.

  6. The partition is decommissioned.

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