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View Information About Scheduled Views

The page has information about viewing information about the scheduled views configured for your organization.


You must have a role that grants you the View Scheduled Views role capability in order to view information about scheduled views.

  1. Go to Manage Data > Logs > Scheduled Views.
    Scheduled Views page.png
    • Status. Indicates whether the scheduled view is currently Completed, Failed, Not Started, Filling, or Paused.
    • Name. The name assigned to the scheduled view.
    • Storage Consumed. The total volume of uncompressed data ingested across the duration of the retention period.
    • Retention Period. The number of days configured as the retention period.
    • Data Forwarding. Indicates the name of the data forwarding destination if the scheduled view is configured to forward data to the S3 bucket.
  2. To view details of a scheduled view configuration, click the row that contains the view.
  3. A pane pops up on the right side of the page with the following information.
    • Name. Displays the name of the scheduled view.
    • Query. The query that returns the data for the scheduled view.
    • Search Mode. Indicates the type of search mode, such as Manual Mode or Auto Parse Mode.
    • Progress. Indicates how up-to-date the scheduled view is.
    • Data scanned to fill this scheduled view. Provides trend information about the data scanned over time and displays the total data scanned for the selected time to run the query.
    • Retention Period. The period of time data in the scheduled view is retained.
    • Start Date. Date when data was first added to the scheduled view.
    • Lag Time. If the scheduled view is not up-to-date, Lag Time contains the actual lag time. For more information, see Scheduled View Lag Time.
    • Query. The query that returns that data to be written to the scheduled view.
    • Data Forwarding. If the scheduled view is configured to forward data to an S3 bucket, the name of the data forwarding destination.  
    • Created by and Modified by. The user that created the view, and the user that most recently modified the view.
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