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accum Metrics Operator

The accum operator creates a series of running totals for each metric time series. The running total in each series starts from the value of the first data point in the series, then iteratively adds up successive values.

accum is useful for metrics where the cumulative value over time is of interest, for instance the number of failed or successful transactions.




This query calculates the running total for the success.count metric: success.count | accum.

If the values of success.count during the time range are: 59, 69, 57, 64, 47, 51, 62, 58, 70, 60.

accum produces the following accumulated totals for those values: 59, 128, 185, 249, 296, 347, 409, 467, 537, 597.

In the metric chart below, the green time series is the result of using accum:

SuccessCount | accum

The orange time series shows the results without the accum operator.


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