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histogram_quantile Metrics Operator

The histogram_quantile operator calculates the φ-quantile (0 ≤ φ ≤ 1) from the buckets of a histogram. This operator is specific to the Prometheus Histogram data type and does not work with non-Prometheus histograms. It is equivalent to the PromQL histogram_quantile() operator.

histogram_quantile syntax


histogram_quantile examples


The following PromQL query to measure the 99th quantile of the apiserver_request_latencies histogram:

histogram_quantile(0.99, rate(apiserver_request_latencies_bucket{}[5m]))

It would be written in Sumo as:

metric=apiserver_request_latencies_bucket | quantize using max | delta | histogram_quantile(0.99)

You must include the quantize and delta operators to get the same results as the PromQL query would produce.

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