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Software Development Optimization Solution

The Sumo Logic Software Development Optimization (SDO) solution accelerates release velocity, improves reliability, and comprehensively monitors your software development pipelines with industry-leading metrics and actionable insights generated automatically from development tools such as Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, PagerDuty, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, and more.


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About SDO

Learn how the Sumo Logic SDO effectively manages and enhances development and production environments.


Set up SDO

This page provides instruction for setting up the Software Development Optimization Solution including manual, Terraform, and Atlassian Marketplace.


Install SDO App and Dashboards

Learn how to install the SDO app and use pre-configured searches and dashboards that provide insights into your DevOps pipeline.


Jenkins Plugin

Learn how to send build and deploy events to Sumo Logic from Jenkins Pipeline.


Supported Tools and Schema

Learn which Tools and Schema are supported by Software Development Optimization Solution.


Integrate Other DevOps Tools with SDO (Optional)

Learn how to integrate other tools with the Software Development Optimization Solution.

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