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Set up Collection for the Observability Solution

You can use the Observability Solution to monitor and troubleshoot different types of application stacks. Depending on the makeup of your application infrastructure, there are a variety of different collectors you can set up to ensure you’re sending all the critical signals to Sumo Logic.

  • Kubernetes Collection. If you have built your application with Kubernetes, follow the steps in the Kubernetes collection to set up your Kubernetes collection.

  • AWS Observability Collection. If you have set up your application directly on top of AWS services and manage it yourself, follow the steps in the AWS Observability Solution.

  • Custom or App Component Metrics. You can use Telegraf to collect metrics from many different sources and send them to Sumo Logic. For more information, see our telegraf collection strategy.

  • Tracing collection. If you need complete end-to-end observability of business-critical user transactions, set up OpenTelemetry-based traces collection.

After you have set up your collectors, you can begin monitoring.

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