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Atlassian Opsgenie


Version: 1.1 Updated: July 11, 2024

OpsGenie, a service powered by Atlassian in the cloud, provides operational teams with robust alert management capabilities. It ensures efficient tracking of notifications triggered by various monitoring systems. The primary goal is to guarantee that alerts reach the appropriate team members and that issues are resolved swiftly. This service has been successfully incorporated and rigorously vetted in combination with OpsGenie's platform.


  • Acknowledge Alert (Notification) - Confirm receipt of alerts with OpsGenie.
  • Add Note to Alert (Notification) - Append a remark to an alert within the OpsGenie system
  • Add Responder to Alert (Notification) - Append a responder to an alert within OpsGenie.
  • Add Tag to Alert (Notification) - Allocate an OpsGenie tag.
  • Assign Alert (Notification) - Allocate an OpsGenie alert.
  • Close Alert (Containment) - Close an alert within OpsGenie.
  • Create Alert (Notification) - Generate a notification within OpsGenie.
  • Delete Alert (Containment) - Remove an alert from OpsGenie.
  • Escalate Alert Notification Analysis (Enrichment) - Retrieve escalation policies from OpsGenie.
  • Get Alert (Enrichment) - Retrieve the specified alert from OpsGenie.
  • Get On Calls (Enrichment) - Retrieve current on-call participants of a specific schedule.
  • Get Alert Request Status (Enrichment) - Retrieve the status of an alert request from OpsGenie.
  • Get Incident (Enrichment) - Retrieve summarized data, such as issues, risks, open ports, connections, and detection information for a specific IP address.
  • Get Team (Enrichment) - Retrieve specific team information from OpsGenie.
  • List Alerts (Enrichment) - Retrieve a list of alerts from OpsGenie.
  • List Incidents (Enrichment) - Retrieve a list of incidents from OpsGenie.
  • List Schedules (Enrichment) - Retrieve a list of schedules from OpsGenie.
  • List Teams (Enrichment) - Retrieve a list of teams from OpsGenie.
  • List Users (Enrichment) - Retrieve a list of users from OpsGenie.

Atlassian Opsgenie configuration

To retrieve the API token, please refer to the following guide.

Change Log

  • March 22, 2024 - First upload
  • July 11, 2024 - Added the Actions:
    • Get On Calls
    • List Schedules
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