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Cisco AMP for Endpoints


Version: 1.2
Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Perform a wide variety of Enrichment and Containment actions for endpoint investigation and response with Cisco AMP for Endpoints.


  • Get Computer (Enrichment) - Get information about a specific endpoint.
  • Get Computers (Enrichment) - Get a list of computers matching a query.
  • Get Computer Activity (Enrichment) - Get the activity from a computer.
  • Get Computer Trajectory (Enrichment) - Get the trajectory from a computer with an optional query.
  • Get Computer User Activity (Enrichment) - Get the user activity from a computer.
  • Get Computer User Trajectory (Enrichment) - Get the user trajectory from a computer with an optional query.
  • Get File List (Enrichment) - Get the results of a file list.
  • Get File List Files (Enrichment) - Get a list of files from the file list.
  • Get SHA256 From File List (Enrichment) - Get a list of SHA256 values from the file list.
  • Get Group Info (Enrichment) - Get group information.
  • Get Groups (Enrichment) - Get a list of groups.
  • Get Policy (Enrichment) - Get policy information.
  • Get Simple Custom Detection File Lists (Enrichment) -
  • List Computers (Enrichment) - List all computers.
  • List Event Types (Enrichment) - Get a list of event types.
  • List Events (Enrichment) -Get a list of events matching a query.
  • List Vulnerabilities (Enrichment) - Get a list of all vulnerabilities.
  • List Application Blocking Lists (Enrichment) - Get the application blocking file lists.
  • List Simple Custom Detections Lists (Enrichment) - Get a file list from simple custom detection rules.
  • List Indicators (Enrichment) - Get a list of all indicators.
  • List Policies (Enrichment) - Get a list of policies.
  • Add SHA256 To File List (Containment) - Add a SHA256 value to a file list.
  • Delete SHA256 From File List (Containment) - Delete a SHA256 value from a file list.
  • Delete Computer (Containment) - Delete a specific computer.
  • Isolate Computer (Containment) - Isolate a specific computer.
  • Remove Isolation (Containment) - Remove a specific computer from isolation.

Change Log

  • January 29, 2019 - First upload
  • May 22, 2020 - Added additional actions
  • June 21, 2023 (v1.2) - Updated the integration with Environmental Variables
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