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Version: 1.4
Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Launch and manage scans and utilize Qualys scan data to enrich incident artifacts.


  • List Scan (Enrichment) - Generates a list of previously executed scans.
  • Launch VM Scan (Enrichment) - Launch a new VM scan.
  • Get Scan Result (Enrichment) - Gather results of an executed scan.
  • Add Asset (Enrichment) - Add an asset.
  • List Asset Group (Enrichment) - Generates a list of all asset groups.
  • List Asset (Enrichment) - Generates a list of all available assets.
  • Get Scanner Details (Enrichment) - Gather details of a specific scanner.
  • List Option Profiles (Enrichment) - Generates a list of all available option profiles.
  • Add Asset Group (Enrichment) - Add an asset group.
  • Launch VM Scan By Tag (Enrichment) - Launch a VM scan.
  • Get Tags (Enrichment) - Get all tags.
  • List Scanner Appliance (Enrichment) - List information on a scanning appliance.
  • List Host Detection (Enrichment) - Gathers QIDs for a host (used with List Vulnerabilities, see note).
  • Assets View Search (Enrichment) - Gathers QIDs for a particular asset (used with List Vulnerabilities, see note).
  • List Vulnerabilities (Enrichment) - Used with List Host Detection & Assets View Search to gather vulnerabilities of a particular asset (see notes).
  • Get Report Templates (Enrichment) - Gathers all report template information.
  • Launch Scan Report (Enrichment) - Launch a new scan report.
  • List Reports (Enrichment) - List all reports.
  • Download Saved Report (Enrichment) - Download a saved report.
  • List Scanned Hosts (Enrichment) - List all scanned hosts.
  • Manage VM Scans (Containment) - Manage existing VM scans.
  • Cancel Report (Containment) - Cancel a report.
  • Delete Report (Containment) - Delete a report.
  • Report Status Polling (Containment) - Gather details about a report's progress.
  • Scan Status Polling (Containment) - Gather details about a scan's status.
  • Tag Existence Polling (Containment) - Tag an existing poll.

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Change Log

  • February 21, 2020 - First upload
  • September 2, 2020 - New actions added
  • July 21, 2023 (v1.2) - Updated the integration with Environmental Variables
  • September 4, 2023 (v1.3) - Fixed a bug where if the timeout was not specified, an error would occur
  • September 19, 2023 (v1.4) - Versioning
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