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VirusTotal V3


Version: 1.0 Updated: July 03, 2024

Perform threat intelligence evidence gathering with VirusTotal V3 API.


  • Add Comment (Notification) - Add a new comment.
  • Add Vote to Comment (Notification) - Add a vote to a comment.
  • Check Scanned Status (Scheduled) - Check the status of a Scan File and Scan URL.
  • Domain Reputation (Enrichment) - Gather domain reputation information on a specific domain.
  • Download Report (Enrichment) - Download a file of scanned report.
  • File Reputation (Enrichment) - Gather reputation information on a specific file.
  • Get Comment (Enrichment) - Gather all comments.
  • Get Report (Enrichment) - Gather a report on a specific File or URL.
  • IP Reputation (Enrichment) - Gather IP reputation information for multiple IP addresses.
  • Scan File (Enrichment) - Scan the specific file.
  • Scan URL (Enrichment) - Scan on a specific URL.
  • Search VirusTotal (Enrichment) - Search for File Hash, URL, Domain, IP address and comments by tags.
  • URL Reputation (Enrichment) - Gather reputation information for multiple URLs.


Threat Intelligence-Reputation

Change Log

  • July 03, 2024
    • First upload
    • It is an updated version of VirusTotal which works with V3 API.
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