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Action events are provided to the audit index (_index=sumologic_audit) or the system index (_index=sumologic_system_events) in the OAR source category (_sourceCategory=oar*). Run the following query to find the actions count per hour:

(_index=sumologic_audit_events OR _index=sumologic_system_events) _sourceCategory=oar*
| json field=_raw "" as actionName nodrop
| json field=_raw "AutomationAction.playbook" as playbook nodrop
| where eventName = "AutomationActionStarted"
| timeslice 60m
| count by _timeslice | fillmissing timeslice

You can use a query like this to set up a scheduled search or a create a monitor to send an alert when the actions count exceeds the limit of 200 per hour, or when node failure occurs.

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