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  1. Commit your changes to the branch with a meaningful message.
    pull request Use descriptive commit messages (and issue or ticket numbers, if applicable) detailing the content updates you are entering for content. One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:
    $ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit
    > A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."
  2. Set permissions to allow maintainers to edit and update the PR (learn more).
  3. Push your branch to the forked repo.
  4. Visit our repo after pushing your branch. If you see an option to Compare & pull request for your branch, click this.
    • If you do not see it, create a new PR.
      1. Select main for the base branch. This is the branch all staging and production content builds from.
      2. Select your branch for the compare.
      3. Click Create pull request.
  5. On the Pull Request page, enter the following:
    • Make sure base branch is main and compare branch is the one you pushed.
    • Enter a title for the PR.
    • If applicable, include a GitHub issue number (or, for internal Sumos, the Jira ticket number).
    • Describe what changed, new pages, updates.
    • Apply a label that best describes your contribution.
  6. (Optional). For urgent, high-priority PRs (for example, doc edits tied to a GA release happening within 24 hours):
    1. Add the GA release date to the title. For example, AWS Integration release (GA: Jan 1, 2023).
    2. From the labels list, select the hot🔥 label, signifying it's an extremely urgent PR.
    3. For internal Sumos only: after completion of all GitHub checks, send your PR link to the #doc-int and #open-source Slack channels for review.
  7. Click Create pull request.
    pull request
  8. First-time contributors will be prompted in a comment to sign our Contributor License Agreement. We allow individual contributions and contributions made on behalf of companies.
    CLA bot
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