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View the Software Development Optimization Solution Dashboards

Each of the Software Development Optimization Solution apps provides a set of pre-configured dashboards that display real-time data from across your environment. Being able to access this information behind single-pane-of-glass allows you to more effectively monitor and troubleshoot your DevOps projects from inception through deployment.

Software Development Optimization Solution App Dashboards

The Software Development Optimization solution comprises multiple apps listed below.

  • Software Development Optimization. Dashboards in this app provide insights into the four DORA metrics that help measure application release velocity and availability as well as help you monitor and troubleshoot issues in individual phases of your DevOps pipelines. 
  • Jira Cloud App and Jira (Server) App. Dashboards in these apps provide insights into the “Plan” phase of the DevOps plan phase that so as to enable you to more effectively plan, assign, track, report, and manage work across multiple teams. 
  • Bitbucket App. Dashboards in this app provide insights into Bitbucket issues, pull requests, builds, and deployments.
  • Opsgenie App and PagerDuty App. Dashboards in these apps provide insights into how production incidents are being created and resolved.
  • GitHub App. Dashboards in this app provide analytics around GitHub branch operations, issues, pull requests, user activity, and security events.
  • Jenkins App. Dashboards in this app help you monitor build successes, failures, and Jenkins master and slave server performance.
  • GitLab App.  Dashboards in this app provide a complete overview of your GitLab’s builds, deployments, pipelines, issues, merge requests, and commits.
  • CircleCI App. The CircleCI app for Sumo Logic provides advanced views to track the performance and health of your continuous integration and deployment pipelines.
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