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isNaN and isInfinity Function

The isNaN and isInfinity operators check a numeric string and return a boolean value.

  • isNaN returns true if the string value is not a number, false otherwise.
  • isInfinity returns true if the string value is a positive or negative infinity, false otherwise.

Null, empty, or blank strings will not return a result.


isNaN("<string>") as <field>
isNaN(<string_field>) [as <field>]
isInfinity("<string>") as <field>
isInfinity(<string_field>) [as <field>]


| 5/0 as infinity
| isInfinity(infinity) as boolean

Returns boolean as true.  

| parse "has * total tokens" as total_token
| where !isNaN(total_token)

Returns results where total_token values are a number.

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