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base64decode Search Operator

The base64Decode operator takes a base64 string and converts it to an ASCII string. Input must be a valid base64 string. Invalid input is returned unaltered.


base64Decode("<string>"[, "<encoding>"]) as <field>
base64Decode(<string_field>[, "<encoding>"]) as <field>

Supported encodings

  • UTF-8 (default)
  • UTF-16
  • UTF-16BE
  • UTF-16LE
  • UTF-32
  • UTF-32BE
  • UTF-32LE


The following example returns V with a value of

| base64Decode("aHR0cDovL2NvZGVjLmFwYWNoZS5vcmcvY29tbW1vbnM=") as V

The following example returns `V` with a value of `This is a test string`:

| base64Decode("VABoAGkAcwAgAGkAcwAgAGEAIAB0AGUAcwB0ACAAcwB0AHIAaQBuAGcA", "UTF-16LE") as V
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