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in Search Operator

The in operator returns a Boolean value: true if the specified property is in the specified object, or false if it is not.


<field> in (<value_1>[, <value_2>, <value_3>, ...])

In the syntax, we are checking the value of the field provided for the <field> argument.

If the value of <field> matches any of value arguments (<value_1>, <value_2>, ...) the function will return true. Otherwise, it will return false.


Find 5xx or 4xx errors, otherwise OK message

The following query:

| parse "GET * HTTP/1.1\" * * \"*\"" as url, status_code, size, referrer
| if (status_code in ("500", "501", "502", "503", "504", "505", "506", "401", "402", "403", "404"), "error", "OK message") as reason

would return results similar to:


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