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Transaction Analytics

Transaction Analytics provides insight into correlated events helping you identify issues and visualize the flow of data. There are a few operators that group your logs based on transaction information that you provide.

  • Merge combines data based on a specified strategy. You can merge groups created by Transactionize. 
  • Transaction groups logs by defined states that have a unique identifier. You have the option to group transactions by states or their flow (latency). This operator supports further aggregation and can show your transactions in a flow chart. There is a 10,000 group limit.
  • Transactionize groups logs by specified fields. It provides the duration and number of logs in each group. You can reference these with other operators, such as subquery, to dive into their behavior. There is a 50MB size limit on the raw data that can be processed.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


Merge Operator

Reduces a stream of events to a single event using a specified merge strategy.


Transaction Operator

Analyze transaction data such as website sign-ups and e-commerce activity.


Flow Diagrams

Flow Diagrams can show the flow within a distributed system.


Transactionize Operator

Groups log messages that match on any fields you specify.

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