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Merge Operator

The Merge operator reduces a stream of events to a single event using a specified merge strategy. It is particularly useful as a subquery for the Transactionize operator. Each field can have a different merge strategy:

  • takeDistinct - summarize the field using only distinct values
  • takeFirst - summarize the field using the earliest value
  • takeLast - summarize the field using the latest value
  • join with separator - reduce the field by combining all values into a single string with the specified separator between each value. If no separator is specified a new line is used.


  • merge

    Merge _raw values and separate them with newlines. Adds a Time field containing the earliest timestamp.

  • merge <field> 

    Merge values of the named field and separate them with newlines.

  • merge <field> [<strategy>] [as <field>]

    Merge values of the named field using the specified strategy and specify a new name for the field.

  • merge <field> [<strategy>] [as <field1>] [,<field> [<strategy>] [as <field2>] ]... 

    Merge a comma-delimited list of fields with separate merge strategies. When no strategy is specified, join with new lines is implied.


  • The metadata field _messageTime can only use strategies takeFirst and takeLast.


The following query:

*  | parse "BytesSentPersec = \"*\"" as BytesPersec
| merge BytesPersec join with "--", _messageTime takeLast

produces a result something like this:


A common case for using the merge operator with the transactionize operator is when all log messages have a common field, such as transaction_id or request_id. Using the merge operator with transactionize merges all the messages with the common fields, for example:

| parse regex "(?<ip>[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]) - "
| transactionize ip (merge ip takeFirst, _raw join with "\n\n\n")

Which provides results like the following. Notice that all the logs from the same IP are now grouped in one record.


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