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Additional Security Features

Sumo Logic offers additional security features beyond Cloud Infrastructure Security, Cloud SIEM, and Cloud SOAR. You can use these additional features to:

  • Collect security log and event data from your infrastructure and applications, on-premises and in-cloud.
  • Analyze your security data with pre-built and custom dashboards, out-of-the-box security apps, and robust queries.

This section contains the following topics:


Introduction to Additional Security Features

Get an introduction to basic concepts of using Sumo Logic for security use cases.


Threat Detection and Investigation

Learn how to monitor security data and investigate incidents.


Security Data Lake

Learn about using your Sumo Logic environment as a security data lake.


Audit and Compliance

Learn how to use Sumo Logic apps to assist with audit and compliance.


Application Security

Learn about using Sumo Logic for application security.

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