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Enabling SNI in a Collector to Support Transparent Proxy

The Sumo Logic Collector can optionally enable Server Name Indication (SNI), which is required to support some third-party transparent proxy services, such as Squid.

Determine that SNI requires enabling

If the Collector is unable to connect to your transparent proxy, you might need to enable SNI.  Look for the following error message in the collector.log file in the Collector installation logs directory. Remote host closed connection during handshake

Enable SNI

  1. Stop the Sumo Logic Collector service.

    • On Windows: net stop sumo-collector
    • On Linux: sudo ./collector stop
  2. Modify the file in the config subdirectory of the Sumo Logic collector installation directory.

    • On Windows, add the following line and save.
    • On Linux, add the following line and save.
  3. Save the file.

  4. Start the Sumo Logic Collector service.

    • On Windows: net start sumo-collector
    • On Linux: sudo ./collector start

To revert back to the default configuration or disable the feature, remove the line that you added from and restart the Collector service.

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